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Create automated tests which make sure your program is working properly.

Current tests


Primitive Programming Language (PPL) v1.0.11.

Released May 14, 2021

Press Run to start the program.

Only the function `printLine` will print to STDOUT.

Testing Center


Create and modify tests.

1. Create tests

The PPL Workspace provides options to create tests manually or to auto-generate them.



Use the $ sign to indicate the dynamic number. This will be replaced with the test number in both cases. Also input the number of tests to generate. For instance, with autokey $+2, value 3$ and 3 tests, we obtain the tests "0+2 -> 30", "1+2 -> 31" and "2+2 -> 32" (zero-indexed).

2. Modify tests

Tests come in the form of key-value pairs. Change one or the other to fine-tune your program.

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